About us

Fusion between tradition and technology

Exclusive services of private banking, coupled with asset and wealth management from Europe would be offered to a few preselected clients through DCapital's tokenised platform. Due to very strict KYC and AML compliance, invitation only shall be applied.

Our professional colleagues at DCapital have extensive experience in handling different types of portfolios consisting of securitised tokens and diversified asset classes. The performance of their investment strategy has yielded a consistent double digit return every year employing the time honoured methodology of buy low/sell high at the correct timing.

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Advisory | Knowledge

We use our knowledge gained over a period of time to help your decision making process to be smarter, quicker and more focused.

Analysis | Assurance

The capital markets are flooded with fuzzy information that has to be distilled into clear patterns. We have the necessary skills to perform.

Transparency | Trust

Total transparency and full disclosure are part of our DNA. Such work ethic requires each of us to be accurate in every single statement made.

Discipline | Performance

Our strategy managers shall strictly follow the pre-determined plan whilst executing their investment order, to safeguard the capital yet to generate yield/profit.



Our mission: Empowering you!

We are passionate about your ongoing success.

Technology to serve us better

Download our latest App on calculating the value of your tokenised assets.

Resolve conflicting interests...

We analyze your long term investment goals and weight them against the immediate requirements of cash expenses in order to devise a clear plan to utilise securitised tokens, which would have been collateralised upon your assets, to put into trade on our exchanges for both, immediate yield/profit and future value appreciation.

Capital Efficiency 80%
Diversified Porfolio 85%
Risk Mitigation 90%

Our Key Result Area

The numbers that would tell you a story about us!

Projects Delivered
Corporate Accounts
Advisory Clients
Apps Downloaded

We apply blockchain technology to help our clients with Kimberley certificate compliance to prove the legitimate origin of rough diamonds thus maximise the jewelries retail value.

– Corporate Advisory

Through STO, we raise sufficient working capital to support a sustainable energy business, from plants to trees, woodchips and ultimately pellets to generate electricity.

– Investment Fund


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